2019 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program

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General Online Registration Opens for the

August 4th, 2019

3-Gun Match This Sunday

*** This is a One Day Match Only ***

General online Registration for the August 3-Gun match opens this Sunday, July 21st at 7:00pm on Practiscore.com. Set your "Smart Phone Alarm". Pre-Registration for Range Officer's and Point Series Shooters IS ALREADY OPEN, use your pre-registration code. We will approve the Lead Range Officer and 2nd Range Officer for each squad first, after that we will open general squadding. Please be patient and you don't need to signup more than once.

August 4th One Day Match Format

AS our Veteran attendees know, each season the regular August match is only a one day match, we don't shoot on Saturday. Therefore in order to allow for 120 shooters to attend and all the Point Series Shooters to be able to register for the match, the match will be 10 Stages with a maximum of 12 people on each squad. All Stages will be slightly larger than a classifier size stage, simply like stages normally on bays 1 and 2. We wont be shooting the 300 yard range, but we are shooting the (bay 5) 100 yard range, so be sighted in. Par times will be set at 75 seconds for all stages. We have gone through the stages and the match is estimated to take less time to get through than our normally 7 stage monthly match if everyone helps reset.

Practiscore Registration Link

August Match Day Registration,
Check-in & Start Times

Sunday morning check-in will open at 7:20am and close at 8:20am, Shooters meeting at 8:25am and hammer down estimated 8:31am. Those not checked-in and registered by 8:20am and arrive later than 8:14am will receive a DNF for their first stage of the day, that your squad is on and if your squad is on their second stage when you arrive, then another DNF and so on for late arrivals. Those not standing in line prior to 8:10am at the trailer are not guaranteed 8:20am registration time (Period) and may be subject to first stage DNF. Simple be early.

August Match Setup

Setup Help: We will begin starting setup on Friday August 2nd at 8:30am at the club, All help is welcomed and highly appreciated, if you can give us a heads up you are coming great, but no need to post us if you have a last second change and are free, just come on over and join us.
Saturday morning Setup begins again at 8:00am, REMEMBER the CLUB is Hosting JAKE's Day at the CLUB, with 100's of Kid's on Saturday running all over the grounds, which is why we don't shoot on Saturday this coming match. Thus you need to drive below 3 miles an Hour and you more than likely will get stopped at the clubs house about driving back to the ranges, just explain you are here for the 3-Gun Setup. Once they clear you drive to the ranges very slowly and park by the registration trailer, all other areas will be closed off.
Remember this is a volunteer sport and we need everyone's help with setup and breakdown.
Shooters: remember everyone needs to help breakdown their last stage Properly before leaving. For The May & July matches everyone did a great job so lets have a repeat and even do better this match.

Simply the more help we get
the better the stages will be next time

The August match will be 10 stages and we are using the 100 yard (Bay 5)
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2019 Point Series Shooters

Updated information on the Point Series Standings can be found on the official website in the secured shooter section. 2019 O3GP Point Series Website Link

* Remaining 2019 O3GP Match Dates *

1.) Sunday August 4th only (No Saturday Option)
2.) Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Saturday August 31st and Sunday September 1st
(Shooters have Choice of Day on 2 day matches pending availability)

** 3-Gun Match Directors **

3-Gun Match Directors; your final submit-al for Stage designs for the 2019 PA State 3-Gun Championships is Due no Later than Next Friday August 26th, 2019. Contact Tom with any questions you may have: Ontelaunee3gun@gmail.com

State Championship Match

2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships

Hello Shooters, the 2019 3-Gun season is off and running. Squadding is open and the list of competitors keeps growing. There are less than 27 slots left for the Championship match, so spread the word to your fellow shooters. For additional information on the match, visit the Official Match Website, "Click Here".
Firearms Industry Consulting Group (2019 PAS3GCM)

State Championship

Setup Help Needed

We are still in need of setup help for the PA State 3-Gun Championship Match. Contact Tom about needs. tbz@blindsquirrelsquad.com
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2019 Sponsors

2019 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series
Sponsored by
Xtreme Gun Worx
2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Sponsored by
Firearms Industry Consulting Group
2019 Ontelaunee Range Officer Workshop
Sponsored by
Keystone Shooting Sports
2019 3-Gun Season & PA State 3-Gun Championships
Stage Sponsors
RTE Targets - Sponsoring (2) stages
Streamlight Inc.
CP Tactical Solutions
PA State Championship 3-Gun Prize Sponsors
Firearms Industry Consulting Group
Streamlight Inc.
CP Tactical Solutions
Decot Hy-WYD Sport Glasses, Inc.
GT Targets
Mojo Outdoors
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2019 O3GP Rules Sponsor
3-Gun Nation Club Series
O3GP Sponsorship 6x6
Keystone Shooting Sports (BSS112018)


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