2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program

March Newsletter

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CORVID-19 Season Update

Hello Shooters, I wanted to take a moment to touch base with everyone as the shooting season has been put on hold in Pennsylvania with Governor Wolf's directive to stay at home, because of CORVID-19.
The first 3-Gun Match at Ontelaunee is scheduled for May 2nd & 3rd and our plans are steadfast to shoot the season opener; without any hitches.
However, I find it is best to plan for all contingencies, so I have taken a good look at our season and the fact that everyone is going to be itch-en to get out on the range again, and everyone will be more than likely a little rusty, not to mention getting back to work and their normal lives all at the same time.
For these basic reasons and more, and after much review and debate; I have elected to revise the 2020 Point Series to be a Best 3 out 5 matches this season. I feel this will relieve all concerns shooters may have with attending matches and allow everyone to transition back into the shooting season with more options.
I will be updating the Point Series webpage on the club's website by April 6th to reflect this change.
As to the rest of the season we see no need to make any other changes at this point, and we look forward to seeing everyone once again out on the ranges. Till then be safe and take some time to reload and do some dry fire drills.

USSL-UML Division Name Change

As everyone should know by now, the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program has moved over to the United Shooting Sports Leagues, United Multi-Gun League's Feb 2020 match rules.
The O3GP will be putting together a VLOG in the coming weeks to go through some of the new rule changes, but for now, we want to bring everyone's attention to the Divisional name change from Tactical Optic's, to just Optic's. Because of this name change coming into effect after we had already opened registration for the season for a number of events and matches. Please note that Tactical Optic's and Optic's are the same Division when registering for upcoming matches during the season.

"Series Scoring Update"

2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series

The 2020 3-Gun season will now be scored on your best 3 out of 5 match finishes. For additional information on the 2020 O3GP Point Series visit https://ontelaunee.org/3-gun/2020-point-series/ There are still some openings for shooters who are interested in joining in the 2020 Point Series.

Additionally; We thank Frank and the gang over at Xtreme Gun Worx in Emmaus, PA for again sponsoring the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series in 2020.

- 2020 Point Series Divisions -
Tactical Optics
2X4 Open


"You can Now Select your Squad"

2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships

Squadding is now open for the State Championship Match, we suggest you take a moment to select your squad through practiscore. You can find the championship match information at the club's website https://ontelaunee.org/3-gun/2020-pennsylvania-state-3-gun-championships/

2020 Range Officer Workshop

Sponsored by

Streamlight, Inc.

I want to thank all that attended the March 15th Range Officer Workshop.

Match Setup Help Needed

As everyone knows, this is strictly a volunteer sport when it comes to setup and breakdown. The Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program is always looking for more help with the setup, design and breakdown of stages for matches. Anyone looking to learn what goes into getting a match up and running and help is always welcomed, just contact the match director at ontelaunee3gun@gmail.com for more information.

2020 Season Match Dates
"Save the Dates"

The entire 2020 3-Gun Season has been posted on Practiscore.com. You are able to bookmark when each matches registration opens.
1.) May Match : Saturday, May 2nd & Sunday, May 3rd, 2020
2.) June Match : Saturday, June 6th & Sunday, June 7th, 2020
3.) July Match : Saturday, July 4th & Sunday, July 5th, 2020
4.) August Match : Sunday, August 2nd, 2020
5.) 2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Saturday, September 5th & Sunday, September 6th, 2020
(Shooters Choice of Day, by first come first serve for Selection for 2 day matches)

2020 Sponsors

2020 Ontelaunee Range Officer Workshop
Sponsored by
Streamlight, Inc.
2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series
Sponsored by
Xtreme Gun Worx
2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Sponsored by
Firearms Industry Consulting Group
2020 Stage Sponsors
CODA Evolution
EZ Accuracy LLC
Geissele Automatics
RTE Targets
Streamlight, Inc.
Friends of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program
Decot HY-WYD
GT Targets

Sponsors & Sponsorship Opportunities

We ask all of you who take the time and come and enjoy your day shooting our matches to help promote the sport of 3-Gun and our program by talking with the vendors you purchase from or those of you that have sponsors and ask them to support the O3GP program, as a sponsor. By growing the programs sponsors we can provide larger and higher quality prize payouts and even better prize tables for both the Point Series and State Championship matches. Help us build the sport of 3-Gun and larger opportunities for prize winnings in 2020, we ask each of you to be an ambassador of the program and spread the good word.....Thank You!


All information in this newsletter about Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, it’s 3-Gun Program and the Terms and Rules Governing the 3-Gun Program and the matches and series held are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program’s Match Director, without any notice.

Although every reasonable effort is being made to present current and accurate information of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program and matches hosted at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club; Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club Inc., it’s 3-Gun Program, and the Blind Squirrel Squad Website make no guarantees of any kind and cannot be held liable for any misspellings, outdated and or incorrect information of any kind.
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