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State Championship Scores
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Thank you all for an Enjoyable Season

As everyone Knows the Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships, held over Labor Day weekend, was the last 3-Gun Match of the season at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club. We want to thank everyone who attended this season and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. And remember we are already working on the 2020 season to bring you the next level of enjoyment in Multi-Gun Matches.
Regards from the O3GP Crew

PA State 3-Gun Championships
Pending Final Standings

The following are the Pending results from the Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships, we will be posting the payouts for the winners in a few days. In the mean time here are the final standings by classification.

State Championship Match Sponsored by
Firearms Industry Consulting Group

Practical 1st Place 100%
Pierre LeClair

Practical 1st Place 90%
Nathan Sypeck
Practical 1st Place 80%
Marc McMaster
Practical 1st Place 70%
Adam McInnis
Practical 1st Place 60%
Bill Edmonds
Practical 1st Place 50%
Charles O'Toole
Practical High Lady
Virginia Daku

1st Place UnlimitedX4 100%
Blaese Romano

1st Place UnlimitedX4 90%
Jim Cirigliano
1st Place UnlimitedX4 80%
Shaun Taylor
1st Place UnlimitedX4 70%
Ian Scrobola
1st Place UnlimitedX4 60%
Brian Attenborough
1st Place UnlimitedX4 50%
Scott Sarine
Click Here to Download the Complete
UnlimitedX4 Divisions Results

1st Place Factory Division - John Schaeffer

Match Photos

Who's Chad?
Mike-Dave Trophy Pic
Mike & Dave Passing the Torch
A Special thank you to Virginia for Handling Check-in All Season
The Ladies
Smile Everyone
With an average Bird count each match of 45 clays per shooter, where going to need a bigger tractor next season.
Quatermaster Nicole and Crew 2019
Quartermaster Nicole
& Her 3-Gun Elves
Dave & Chris at the 300 Yard Stage
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Championships Match T-Shirt
2019 Trophies 0301
The Keystone Trophies

2020 Season is Just Around the Corner

We will be sending out emails in October about the 2020 3-Gun Season at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club. We are planning an even more enjoyable season for you than this year. Look for news about the Point Series and Next Years State Championships.

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