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End of Season Report 2019

I want to thank all of you who attend our 2019 3-Gun Season at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club and the 2019 State Championship Match. This is our final newsletter of the 2019 Season. Starting in November we will be moving on to the 2020 Season which is Just around the corner. Changing for the 2020 season will be the dedicated new website for the Ontelaunee 3-Gun program, www.ontelaunee3gun.org. Look for the new website in the coming months as we move over from the Blind Squirrel Squad. The new URL is active and you can start using it now. Also Coming in 2020, we are working to start a youtube Channel and Video Vlog series to cover the new season. Enjoy the Holidays.

2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships

The following are the Final Results from the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships for Prize winners. Prizes are being processed and mailed over the next week and should be received shortly after. Of note the Point Series prizes are being mailed at the same time as the State Match.
Name Practical Place Finished Prize
Pierre LeClair P-2019PASC 1st Place 100% $950.00
James McGinty P-2019PASC 2nd Place 100% $570.00
Filipe Rodrigues Silva P-2019PASC 3rd Place 100% $380.00
Michael Stephens P-2019PASC 4th Place 100% $140.00
Nathan Sypeck P-2019PASC 1st Place 90% $570.00
David Olhasso P-2019PASC 2nd Place 90% $330.00
Matt LeClair P-2019PASC 3rd Place 90% $230.00
Garrett Boop P-2019PASC 4th Place 90% $120.00
Ian Norris P-2019PASC 5th Place 90% $65.00
Marc McMaster P-2019PASC 1st Place 80% $450.00
George Dorbert P-2019PASC 2nd Place 80% $260.00
Ryan Loux P-2019PASC 3rd Place 80% $170.00
John Robina P-2019PASC 4th Place 80% $95.00
Todd McCartney P-2019PASC 5th Place 80% $60.00
Adam McInnes P-2019PASC 1st Place 70% $355.00
Scott Baker P-2019PASC 2nd Place 70% $220.00
Scott Pearson Jr P-2019PASC 3rd Place 70% $140.00
Carl Anderson Jr P-2019PASC 4th Place 70% $75.00
Bill Edmonds P-2019PASC 1st Place 60% $265.00
David Stephens P-2019PASC 2nd Place 60% $160.00
Dan Pongonis P-2019PASC 3rd Place 60% $105.00
Joe Fischetti P-2019PASC 4th Place 60% $60.00
Charles O'Toole P-2019PASC 1st Place 50% $160.00
Joseph Danao P-2019PASC 2nd Place 50% $115.00
Kathy Swepston P-2019PASC 3rd Place 50% $60.00
Name UnlimitedX4 Place Finished Prize
Blaese Romano UX4-2019PASC 1st Place 100% $600.00
Brian Daku UX4-2019PASC 2nd Place 100% $340.00
Rich Franco UX4-2019PASC 3rd Place 100% Prize #A
Jim Cirigliano UX4-2019PASC 1st Place 90% $235.00
Bill Coleman UX4-2019PASC 2nd Place 90% Prize #B
Shaun M Taylor UX4-2019PASC 1st Place 80% $130.00
Thomas Daubert UX4-2019PASC 2nd Place 80% Prize #C
Ian Scrobola UX4-2019PASC 1st Place 70% Prize #D
Brian Attenborough UX4-2019PASC 1st Place 60% Prize #E
Scott Sarine UX4-2019PASC 1st Place 50% Prize #F
Prizes #A through #F will be mailed out also over the next week, if you have won a prize and did not email in your mailing address, please forward your information to ontelaunee3gun@gmail.com

2020 Season is Just Around the Corner

We will be sending out emails in November about the 2020 3-Gun Season at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club. We are planning an even more enjoyable season for you than this year. Look for news about the Point Series, Next Years State Championships, New Rules Set and Video Vlog Series. Happy Halloween!

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