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2020 Season

First and foremost I want to wish everyone a great Holiday Season and Happy New Year! I also want to thank all of you who attend our 2019 3-Gun Season at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club. It was definitely an enjoyable one and we are looking forward to the 2020 season.

Additionally, here at the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program (O3GP), we have been working hard planning the 2020 season and have a bunch of new information for you all in this newsletter, so please take the time to read through all the information and provide feedback when requested.

New Website for Match & Program Information

Officially Starting in January 2020 we will be moving from the Blind Squirrel Squad website to our new home on the Club's website at www.ontelaunee.org. We will also be linking the url http://ontelaunee3gun.org to the landing page for the 3-Gun Program, on the Club's website. Once it's up and running on the Club's website we will be sending out an email, till then you can still find the information on the Blind Squirrel Squad website, and the Blindsquirrelsquad.com website will have a forwarding link.

New Match Format for 2020

We want to thank everyone of you who comes out and supports our program and for passing on all the great suggestions and the complaints. We listen and read each of them and hear everyone of you. For 2020 our goal is to improve once again and bring forward a new match format, that the major majority of you keep requesting. You see the biggest suggestion we keep receiving is also the largest complaint we have gotten over the last 3 years. The request to shorten the matches overall length of time, that is to get everyone out and on their way home by 2:30 - 3:00 pm at the four monthly matches. Our biggest issue in doing this is how to balance the quality of the match we provide with the amount of time it takes to shoot a stage. In 2020 we will be working extra hard to provide higher quality stages technically, while reducing target reset times so as to speed up each match for each of you who attend and get you on your way.

2020 Match Stages:

  • For the May, June and July matches we will once again be running our standard format of 7 stages with 6 squads. Their will be two smaller quick reaction stages and 5 technically challenging. We will be reducing the number of targets, but increasing technical challenges for speed and agility. Simply faster more precise stages, but as always you will still be needing to reload, as that is a skill we believe everyone needs to master. These 3 matches will be utilizing the competition bays and the 300 yard range, maybe even 400 yards, possibly....fingers crossed...
  • For our August match, we will once again be following the August 2019 format of 10 stages, all small and technical. Everyone sent in great responses to the new format we tried last August and asked for a repeat in 2020, so it will be!
  • For the Labor Day Weekend PA State Championship match, it will again be 8 stages of what we believe are the most technically challenging and by far most enjoyable stages to shoot northeast of the Mason Dixon Line. Just ask anyone who shot this match in 2019. And in 2020 we aim to repeat this with raising the quality of the stages and also improving the enjoyment level at the same time! Shooters will again be tested with (4) smaller bay twist and turn technically stages, (2) 50 yard bay technical stages, (1) stage reaching out to 100 yards and (1) stage reaching out almost to 300 yards and possibly more. If you missed it last year, well you missed a lot of fun!

Sponsors & Sponsorship Oppourtunities

We ask all of you who take the time and come and enjoy your day shooting our matches to help promote the sport of 3-Gun and our program by talking with the vendors you purchase from or those of you that have sponsors and ask them to support the O3GP program, as a sponsor. By growing the programs sponsors we can provide larger and higher quality prize payouts and even better prize tables for both the Point Series and State Championship matches. Help us build the sport of 3-Gun and larger opportunities for prize winnings in 2020, we ask each of you to be an ambassador of the program and spread the good word.....Thank You!

2020 Range Officer Workshop

Our annual Range Officer Workshop will be on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 this coming season. At this year's Range Officer Workshop we will be going over the New Rules Set being adopted by the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program.

2020 New Rule's Set being Adopted

The Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program is adopting a new set of Multi Gun Rules for the 2020 Season. We are currently work on moving over to the United Multi Gun Leagues "UML" set of rules. We are currently reformatting the UML February 2019 rules in to our standard 6 x 9 booklet format and will have that PDF available for download through the website in a few weeks. Note that USSL-UML rules will be going through some updates in late January and additional rule changes will more than likely happen prior to the beginning of the 2020 seasons first match. In the mean time you can visit the UML website at http://ussleagues.com/uml/ for additional information.

2020 Season Match Dates
"Save the Dates"

1.) May Match : Saturday, May 2nd & Sunday, May 3rd, 2020
2.) June Match : Saturday, June 6th & Sunday, June 7th, 2020
3.) July Match : Saturday, July 4th & Sunday, July 5th, 2020
4.) August Match : Sunday, August 2nd, 2020
5.) 2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Saturday, September 5th & Sunday, September 6th, 2020
(Shooters Choice of Day, by first come first serve for Selection for 2 day matches)

2020 Monthly Match Entry Fee

In 2020 the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program will be going to an online credit card payment system for all matches. All shooters will be required to pay online for their match prior to being approved to squad for the match. Paid slots are only refundable upon cancellation if the match fills and your slot is replaced by another shooter. No Refunds or Credits for No-Shows or Cancellations. Shooters wishing to pay at the door can contact the match director by email at ontelaunee3gun@gmail.com about arrangements.
  • Pre Paid Online Monthly Match Entry Fee: $36.50
  • Offline Cash at the Door Paid Entry Fee: $40.00

2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania will again host the Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships in 2020. The match dates are Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th, 2020. Our 2019 Match Sponsor, Firearms Industry Consulting Group has again agreed to sponsor the match and we want to take a moment to thank them for supporting our industry and all they do for our match. The match will open for registration on January 19th, 2020 this season on practiscore.com and we will be sending out a newsletter announcing it a few days ahead of time. Additional information can be found at http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/2020-pennsylvania-state-3-gun-championships/
Firearms Industry Consulting Group (2019 PAS3GCM)

2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series

The Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program will again be hosting a Point Series in 2020 for shooters. We are very happy to Announce that Frank and the gang over at Xtreme Gun Worx in Emmaus, PA will be sponsoring the Point Series again for 2020. Information about registering for the 2020 Point Series can be found at http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/point-series/. Registration for the Point Series will open on January 12th, 2020 on Practiscore.com
Xtreme Gun Worx Logo white_long (2019PSS)
2020 Point Series Discount: Those of you who registered and shot in the 2019 Ontelaunee Point Series sponsored by Xtreme Gun Worx, and did not make the money, we hear you. If you didn't make the money and join for the 2020 Point Series, You are eligible for a $10.00 discount from each of the regular monthly match entry fee's. There will be a check box when registering online for each match on Practiscore. Note this discount can not be redeemed as cash, nor combined or transferred in any manner and each discount expires with each matches registration.

Match Setup Help Needed

As everyone knows, this is stickily a volunteer sport when it comes to setup and breakdown. The Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program is always looking for help with the setup, design and breakdown of stages for matches. Anyone looking to help is always welcomed, just contact the match director at ontelaunee3gun@gmail.com for more information.

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To Our 2019 Sponsors

2019 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series
Sponsored by
Xtreme Gun Worx
2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Sponsored by
Firearms Industry Consulting Group
2019 Ontelaunee Range Officer Workshop
Sponsored by
Keystone Shooting Sports
2019 3-Gun Season & PA State 3-Gun Championships
Stage Sponsors
RTE Targets - Sponsoring (2) stages
Streamlight Inc.
CP Tactical Solution


All information in this newsletter about Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, it’s 3-Gun Program and the Terms and Rules Governing the 3-Gun Program and the matches and series held are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program’s Match Director, without any notice.

Although every reasonable effort is being made to present current and accurate information of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program and matches hosted at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club; Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club Inc., it’s 3-Gun Program, and the Blind Squirrel Squad Website make no guarantees of any kind and cannot be held liable for any misspellings, outdated and or incorrect information of any kind.
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