2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program

August Match

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August Match Registration

Hello Shooters,
The August match will be a one day match on Sunday August 2nd. Point Series Shooters will have priority registration through Tuesday Evening July 21st, then general registration in order of registration. As with the July match, we will be sending out a newsletter once the pre-match Vlog is posted, a few days before the next match with the stage briefings for your review.
Due to the 1 day shoot we will be limited on the number of shooters, so if you haven't registered, we suggest doing so.
Point Series Shooters, please note that July Match Scores are still under review and have not been finalized. The July Match Scores will be finalized prior to the August 2nd Match being posted on Practiscore.com
Match registration is on Practiscore.com, we will start processing registrations on Tuesday evening.

Match Rule Question on Shoot Throughs

This season as shooters know the 3-Gun Program at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club has moved over to the USSL-UML rule's. The USSL-UML rules are streamlined and rely on the written stage briefings for more detailed information. There are a few things that the 3-Gun program at Ontelaunee has adopted season wide for each match and are being enforced as a standard match rule. We are getting more and more questions on shoot throughs, not sure why as the 3-Gun Nation rule set we followed before counted shoot throughs, but we will cover them here.
  • Paper target shoot through s, Simply if you shoot through a paper target and hit the "penalty target" (No Shoot) of another target behind, the no shoot counts for score with any firearm, and another valid target also counts for score, with the correct firearm for positive scoring for that target.
  • Some of you last match asked and we are clarifying, does that mean you could shoot a target from the rear, NO & yes, we are clarifying the 'yes", you are now shooting the white side (Penalty Side) of the target, so it counts as a "Penalty Target"; NOT THE Target Side, based on the direction of travel. THUS all Paper targets have a cardboard color side and penalty color side, depending on the direction you shoot the target from, that is how the target is scored, SO Don't shoot the targets in reverse presentation, these types of presentations are rare, but are sometimes there.
  • The flip side to shoot through s, when a target array has a penalty target placed over the top of a valid target, and the competitor shoots the penalty target on top and the round goes through both targets scoring zone, the penalty counts, however the hit on the target behind also scores, and is not a miss.
  • At the Same time, (2) targets with a small portion over lapping each other, if you shoot that area of the targets, hitting both paper targets scoring zones with the minim required (2) rounds, both targets count for score.
For additional clarification you can contact the match director at the match.

2020 Season Match Dates
Next Match August 2nd

The entire 2020 3-Gun Season has been posted on Practiscore.com. You are able to bookmark when each matches registration opens.
1.) June Match : In the Books
2.) July Match : In the Books
3.) August Match : Sunday, August 2nd, 2020
4.) 2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Saturday, September 5th & Sunday, September 6th, 2020
5.) May Match : Postponed - Pending Date (4th Sat/Sun in October)
(Shooters Choice of Day, by first come first serve for Selection for 2 day matches)

Review of UML Match Rules with Clarifications

This coming matches stage layouts are in the Vlog, but there are more than a few rule changes that everyone needs to be up on because of our switch over to UML from 3-Gun Nation.
  • One of the big ones we keep getting emails on is being able to change out uppers on your rifle or changing complete rifles during a match. So YES, this is allowed for the rifle under UML rules, as long as, the shooter stays within all "divisional" requirements and maintains the SAME CALIBER throughout the match.
  • Use of multiple firearms on each stage. UML rule requires that a minimum of 2 firearms be used on each stage unless otherwise noted in the WSB. Thus be keenly aware that you are required to use a minimum of 2 firearms on each stage, not all 3 and not just 1 unless otherwise noted on the WSB.
  • Minimum Target engagement per firearm. Rule requires that you engage a minimum of 3 different targets with each firearm. Thus, remember that you are required to engage a minimum of 3 targets, not neutralize. Simply put, misses count for engagement towards a target.
  • Rule 7.2.2.; All Paper Targets are deemed "Penetrable", thus remember during your stage planing that "No Shoots" behind targets will count for score. This will be on the WSBs', but we are making sure everyone knows also a head of time.
  • Rule 9.2.2. Entering a "Forbidden Area": Remember that Ontelaunee 3-Gun for every match and on every stage, deems any area outside the designated Free Fire Zone as a forbidden area. Thus no shortcut running across corners or switch backs or around walls. It is a 30 second penalty, per occurrence to be outside the FFZ at anytime during your stage runs taking a shortcut.

Other Match Notes and Rules to Remember:

  • Shotgun AMMO: Stage 3 has (2) spinners and is limited to 2-3/4", 1-1/4 once maximum and 1350 fps maximum.
  • Staging Long Guns: Shooters can only stage one long gun in a specific grounding barrel before the start buzzer. Yes, you can stage the shotgun in one grounding barrel and you can stage your rifle in another grounding barrel before the start buzzer, they just can't be in the same grounding barrel together to start. And YES, You can dump a 2nd long gun into a grounding barrel with another long gun already in that grounding barrel during your stage run. Open 2x4 shooters could intentionally ground 3 long guns in a single grounding barrel, though not so sure why that would be helpful.
  • Steel Case AMMO: This should not have to be covered, but needs to be, absolutely no ammunition that the bullet sticks to a magnet. I keep getting questions about steel case ammunition. The case is different than the BULLET, however if the stage manager or RO can't delineate if the bullet is not magnetic because of the case being steel for some reason interferes, it's simply deemed no good, so if you are going to use steel CASE ammo, please make sure you can prove that it complies with UML Rule 5.1. The same goes for all other ammunition covered under Section 5 of the UML rules.
April 2020 Preseaon Vlog-01 Part 1 of 3

Welcome to the 2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Vlog Series

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2020 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Point Series
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2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships

Squadding is now open for the State Championship Match, we suggest you take a moment to select your squad through practiscore. You can find the championship match information at the club's website https://ontelaunee.org/3-gun/2020-pennsylvania-state-3-gun-championships/

A brief note about out Sponsors

In order to provide everyone with the widest array of prizes this season we are working to establish strong relationships with prize sponsors. This year we have an ever growing group of high valued manufactures and vendors that have elevated their support for our sport and program, and I ask that you take a moment to visit each of our sponsors websites linked below and see what they have to offer.
When searching for new purchases, we ask that you start with these fine companies first and see exactly what they have to offer. Our Sponsors support each of you by supporting the 3-Gun program at Ontelaunee and the 2020 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships, and all we ask is that when you searching for something, to look at what our sponsors have to offer first before buying. Thank you - Tom

2020 Sponsors

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Sponsors & Sponsorship Opportunities

We ask all of you who take the time and come and enjoy your day shooting our matches to help promote the sport of 3-Gun and our program by talking with the vendors you purchase from or those of you that have sponsors and ask them to support the O3GP program, as a sponsor. By growing the programs sponsors we can provide larger and higher quality prize payouts and even better prize tables for both the Point Series and State Championship matches. Help us build the sport of 3-Gun and larger opportunities for prize winnings in 2020, we ask each of you to be an ambassador of the program and spread the good word.....Thank You!

Match Setup Help Needed

As everyone knows, this is strictly a volunteer sport when it comes to putting on matches, especially setup and breakdown. The Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program is an all volunteer staff, and we are always looking for more help with not only setup and breakdown of stages, but stage designs and stage suggestions. Anyone looking to join the ranks and help getting our matches up and running is always welcomed, just contact the match director at ontelaunee3gun@gmail.com for more information.


All information in this newsletter about Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, it’s 3-Gun Program and the Terms and Rules Governing the 3-Gun Program and the matches and series held are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program’s Match Director, without any notice.

Although every reasonable effort is being made to present current and accurate information of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program and matches hosted at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club; Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club Inc., it’s 3-Gun Program, and the Blind Squirrel Squad Website and newsletter make no guarantees of any kind and cannot be held liable for any misspellings, outdated and or incorrect information of any kind.
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