New to 3-Gun / Multi-Gun Information

Getting started in 3-Gun

    • Here are 2 training videos I find helpful the  Youtube Channel is GUN-TIME with Brandon.    He goes over ways to work on your skill set with low round counts while refining your base memory skills.       Enjoy

Video 1

Video 2

Video 1

Video 2

    • The next site I found very informative is a Youtube channel called SuperSetCA. He gives some very good reviews on equipment and gear, the video below is his shotgun review for 3-Gun.

    • In my search for information on getting in to the sport of 3-Gun I found an interesting YouTube Channel out there managed by Mark from Hawkeye Ordnance.   Beside the link to his Channel here some of his video links on getting started in 3-Gun.

Video 1 the Belt Setup:

Video 2 Getting Started:

Video 3 Shotgun Reloading:

Video 4 Range Bag & Cart:

Video 5 Packing for a Match: