BSS GoodThe history behind the squad’s name is one of simple origins.  The Blind One, being me,  was having a not so good day of seeing the front sight on the 1911 I was shooting in the USPSA match that day.

When the squad arrived at the last stage of the day, it so happened that I was up second to shoot in the rotation.  The stage had a multitude of close paper targets with steel also mixed in on a narrow, smaller sized bay (Range 3 in Old Bridge).  The squad name arose from the following sequence of 3 steel targets, 2 large poppers and 1 small 8″ round, that were all placed long range behind 2 tall steel walls in the back of the bay, with about a 24 inch opening between the walls.

Pretty much the majority of the shooters that day were moving half way up in the bay to shoot these 3 steel targets hidden behind the walls at about 15 yards, but with the round count being what it was I took a different direction and decided to shoot the single close paper to my left at the start and then turn right and shoot the 3 steel targets from the furthest point in the bay.

Well, as it turns out once the buzzer went off and I drew and placed 2 in the close paper and then turned and went one for one on the 2 large poppers hiding behind the steel walls and then it only took 2 quick shots to get the small 8″ round to fall off the peg way in the back, well it was my best 6 shot sequence of the day (should have only taken 5).   So much so, that while I was still shooting the balance of the stage I heard comments from the (“A” Class) shooter in the squad, he was impressed with the shot sequence.

Once the stage was over for me, the (“A” Class) shooter turned to me, knowing fully well how bad a day I had up to that point and said with a big smile 😉


And so it was named.

So for those of you that are reading this and shoot for the fun of the sport, and not a paycheck, I begin with remember safety first, but enjoy your day no matter how blind you shoot and enjoy those who you are shooting with also.  Because, when it comes down to it, your score is meaningless if you don’t enjoy the day or those who you just spent it with.  As the “C” shooter that I am, I can say with a smile that is why we all have a Day Job.

Regards – The Blind One