2019 Ontelaunee 3-gun Range Officer Workshop

2019 Ontelaunee 3-Gun Range Officer Workshop

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The 3-Gun program at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in New Tripoli, PA is holding an R/O Workshop at the Club from 8 am to 5 pm on Sunday March 17th, 2019.

This Workshop is heavily focused on solidarity of the 3-Gun Nation Rules and will prepare individual R/Os to work as pairs of squad-R/Os for the 2019, 3-Gun season.  We will be reviewing the 3-Gun Nation Rules, as well as the modifications used during all Ontelaunee 3-Gun matches.

Workshop participants will learn 3-Gun Nation rules for proper target engagement and how those rules can still allow “shooter’s choice of firearm” in the use of the three guns at Ontelaunee.

Workshop participants will also learn how a “shooter’s choice of movement” through the course of fire is handled by the squad-R/O team. Simply expecting the unexpected is a task best managed by multiple sets of eyes.

This workshop is a one day event and will be split in to two working groups in the morning.  Group 1 will be our advanced RO’s rotation working in the indoor range.  Group 2 will be our new RO’s  rotation attending the 3-Gun Nation Range Officer Course in classroom session.  After lunch both groups will come together to expand on the earlier information and focus on working together to prepare for the 2019 3-Gun season.

Workshop topics include:

– De-mystifying the 3-Gun Nation rules for R/Os

– working as a team of R/O’s

– safe tables, staging tables, and grounding containers

– movement of the firearms from bags, carts and slings – long before the start buzzer

– staging of firearms within the course of fire do’s and don’t

– DQs and warnings

– scoring and clearing a stage of all the current shooter’s firearms, both on a full clear and time stop with working re-set.

– staging the next shooter while clearing the finished shooter

– learning from experienced competitors and new shooters alike

– and did we mention the de-mystifying the 3-Gun rules for R/Os?

Participants will learn which R/O should be where and what each R/O should be focused on during a course of fire. This R/O workshop is meant to promote shooter safety while working safely as a TEAM in a fast-paced environment.

This R/O Workshop promotes the idea that the best R/O’s are those who not only enjoy the shooting sports, but who want to promote in others a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.


Here are the 2019 Range Officer
Workshop costs and benefits for Monthly Club Matches (September’s Major Match Excluded).

    1.  A participant who successfully completes this R/O Workshop AND serves as a lead or 2nd  R/O:
      • First 2 monthly matches are $10.00 each *
      • 3rd and 4 th monthly matches are no charge.
      • (50% Savings for 4 monthly matches)
    2.  A participant who successfully completes this R/O Workshop but is NOT ASKED to serve as a lead or 2nd R/O:
      • Each non-serving monthly match is $15.00
      • (Monthly Match Savings of $20.00 per match)
    3.  An R/O who DOES NOT take the Workshop (or doesn’t successfully complete it):
      • A Lead R/O pays $20.00 per match
      • A Secondary R/O pays $30.00 per match.
      • [2019 Club Monthly Match fee is $35 per match]
Additionally, each attending Workshop participant will receive:
      • a printed and bound copy of the 3 Gun Nation Rules (2019)
      • a printed workshop workbook
      • lunch
      • All Attendees are issued a Pre-registration code to sign up for matches prior to open registration

Registration for the course will be done through Practiscore.com. However, your spot in the course will not be approved until full payment of $50.00 for the workshop is received.  Please note that the workshop is limited to 38 attendees currently.

Cancellation policy: Full refund up to 04:59 pm February 5th, 2019 (after that date, no refunds)

Where to mail Entry Fee Payment(s):

Make your Payment out to: Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club

Mail your Entry Fee to:
Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club
Attn: 2019 3-Gun RO Workshop
PO Box 149
Whitehall, PA 18052.

To Register for the workshop

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us through the www.blindsquirrelsquad.com website 3-gun page.

We Thank
Keystone Shooting Sports
Sponsoring the 2019
Ontelaunee 3-Gun Range Officer Workshop