2019 Pennsylvania State 3 Gun Championships


We welcome you to the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships Match website.  The match is being hosted at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club in New Tripoli, PA.  The match will consist of 7 to 8 stages (tbd) which will be shot in a one day format by each competitor.

The competitors will have an option to request a preferred day they wish to compete on from 2 days, fore-which approvals will be  based on a first come first serve policy determined by registration order and receipt of payment for the full match entry fee.
**Preferred Day Selections are NOT Guaranteed**

Match Dates
Day 1: Saturday August 31st, 2019
Day 2: Sunday September 1st, 2019

Staff Shoot: August 30th, 2019

Practiscore.com Registration Link

Current Match Divisions

The following Divisions are listed for registration and a minimum of 2 competitors are required to open a Division for Trophy and a minimum of 5 competitors are required to open a Division for Prize Money.

UnlimitedX4 *
Practical PCC
Practical 308
Unlimited PCC*
* (Unlimited & Unlimted PCC are being replaced with UnlimitedX4,
Additional information will be posted on this before March 31st, 2019)

Competitor Classification

Each competitor is required to select a “Classification Percentage” with registration and finalize their Classification Percentage selection Prior to August 27th, 2019. There are six Classification Percentages to select from for this match, they are 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and 50%.

Your Classification Percentage determines the Prize Money field you are competing for.  Shooting above your selected  Classification Percentage for the match will disqualify you from the Prize Money Payouts only.

The competitor’s Classification Percentage selection is a crucial part of your registration and for this reason competitors are not required to finalize their Classification Percentage selection till August 27th, 2019.

The Classification Percentage Selection process allows each competitor to review who all the other competitors are in the Division they are competing, research how you finished in previous matches with the other competitors up to August 26th, 2019 and select your  Classification Percentage based on your review.

The Classification Percentage will not apply to Divisions with minimal competitors registered which is TBD.  Classification Percentage opening for Divisions will be listed and updated monthly as registrations are being approved.

Registered competitors whose e-mail is listed already to receive our Ontelaunee 3-Gun Newsletter or BlindSquirrelSquad.com Newsletter will be added to a specific PA State 3-Gun Championships Newsletter list and all the latest information on the match will be sent through this e-mail for updates only.  So We strongly suggest you add yourself to the email Newsletter list.

2019 Pennsylvania State
3-Gun Championship Entry Fee

Match Entry Fee: The Competitor Entry Fee for the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships is $130.00 forewhich a minimum of 50% of the Entry Fees will go towards Prize Payouts, plus Prizes.  NOTE: You are not required to be a member of 3-Gun Nation to compete in this match.
** See cancellation terms at bottom of webpage **

Division Not Opening:  This match requires a minimum of 5 competitors to register to open a division for prize money.  A Division that has less than 5 registered competitors will only be competing for the Division’s 1st place Keystone Trophy if at least 2 competitors register for a Division.  Approved Shooters will be updated on the number of shooters in each division through the newsletter only, so we strongly suggest getting on the list if you are not already receiving the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Newsletter.

MATCH REGISTRATION: Ontelaunee 3-gun Program approved Range Officers and Approved 2019 Ontelaunee Point Series Shooters will receive early registration codes for this match.  General registration opens on December 29th, 2018 on Practiscore.com.

Registration: Competitors are to register online through Practiscore for the 2019 Pennsylvania 3-Gun State Championships.  Registration Opens on Sunday December 29th, 2018 and the link below is provided.

Mail Entry To:
Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club
Attn: 2019 PA State 3-Gun Match
PO Box 149, Whitehall, PA 18052.

Make Entry Fee Check out to: Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club.

Once your entry fee has been received and your online registration has been confirmed you will then receive your approval through email that you are in the Match.  Please note with payment: 2019 PA State 3-Gun Championships, Full Name, phone number and e-mail on all checks or notes with checks when mailing in your payment.

2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships
Registration Link

Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program Rules

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club is a 3-Gun Nation Club Member and follows the current 3-Gun Nation Club Series Rules as adopted by the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program with modifications.  Any changes within the published rule book will be updated prior to March 30th, 2019, published in the new rule book and accessible through the below link or by emailing the match director.

Current Adopted Rule Book

Additional Match Information

All information posted on this webpage and for the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships and the Terms and Rules Governing the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Ontelaunee 3-Gun Program 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships Match Director.

Cancellation Terms: Competitors cancelling before 5:00pm EST on March 15th, 2019 that are paid in full for the match will receive a refund less $1.50 processing fee.   Competitors cancelling after the March 15th, 2019 date and prior to June 16th, 2019 will receive a 50% credit on account to be used towards any remaining 3-Gun Matches at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club for the 2019 Season.  All competitors cancelling after June 15th, 2019 will not receive any credit or refund.  All approved credit not used prior to the end of the 2019 3-Gun season will be treated as a donation and we thank you for your donations.  Competitors in lieu of cancelling may transfer their approved and paid for slot for the match to another competitor, prior to August 27th, 2019.

Number of Competitors: The total number of competitors for this match has been currently set at a maximum of 154, plus Staff.  This number is subject to change at any time up until August 31th, 2019.

Sponsorship Information

Currently we have openings  for sponsors for the 2019 3-Gun Season at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club.  If you know a firm or person that would be interested in supporting our sport this coming season, please forward them this website page, download the Sponsorship PDF and have them contact the Match Director.

Although every reasonable effort is being made to present current and accurate information of the 2019 Pennsylvania State 3-Gun Championships, Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club Inc., it’s 3-Gun Program, and the Blind Squirrel Squad Website makes no guarantees of any kind and cannot be held liable for any misspellings, outdated and or incorrect information of any kind.

This webpage was last update March 10th, 2019